Baby loss

The loss of a baby causes the most profound pain. Tragically, in 2020 there were 4,500 babies that were stillborn or died in the first 4 weeks of life.

Not all stillbirth and neonatal deaths can be prevented – there may be a problem with the placenta, complications of pre-eclampsia or genetic problems. Sometimes though, baby loss happens because of substandard care and it could have been prevented.

When there have been possible errors in case, investigating a potential clinical negligence claim can help find vital answers as to what happened and why. It can support understanding for parents and learning within the NHS so mistakes can be avoided in the future.

When might baby loss be caused by negligent care?

Examples of negligence causing baby loss include:

  • Misinterpreting scans or test results
  • Failing to perform tests appropriately, such as blood pressure or growth scans where there are risks that are known
  • Delays in reacting to reports of reduced movements of the baby
  • Failing to correctly interpret the baby’s heart rate in labour resulting in reduced oxygen to the baby
  • Misinterpreting the way the baby is lying – missing a breech or transverse lie or thinking the baby has turned when it hasn’t
  • Failing to call the right doctors at the right time
  • Failing to diagnose and treat the mother for conditions that may harm the baby such as thyroid problems, pre-eclampsia and Group B streptococcal infection.

At Davies & Partners, we know the pain and grief that is caused by baby loss and that there can be a long-standing psychological impact. We also know that no amount of money will ever replace your child, but we understand that there can be a financial impact as a result of baby loss such as time off work, funeral costs, therapy or counselling and travel costs that would have been avoided.

Bringing a clinical negligence claim is not a quick and easy process but compensation can ease financial hardship that may arise and give parents space to process their loss and grieve. It may also provide a legacy to support your family.

Our team are compassionate and dedicated to finding answers and seeking justice in cases involving baby loss. We aim to hold your hand through the process and work with experts who understand baby loss and the challenges of investigating what happened.

If you would like to speak to us to about baby loss, please contact us to see if we can help.

Where can I get support after baby loss?

Most hospitals have a bereavement midwife who will be able to offer support and guidance for help you might need.

There are many charities and support groups across the UK set up to support those who have experienced baby loss. Sands is a national charity for those affected by pregnancy and baby loss. The Sands website offers a wealth of advice and information on a one to one basis and through group support across the UK.

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