Humbling client review

Our clients are at the centre of what we do and why we do it. Our specialist team strive to help and support our clients and it is humbling to receive feedback like this recent review on Trustpilot, from a client who had suffered a brain injury following a road traffic accident. Our Senior Associate […]

‘Marvellous Medicine’

Davies and Partners is supporting – Hydrocephalus Awareness Week 6-12 March 2023 Did you know that Roald Dahl was pivotal in inventing a shunt?  Roald Dahl’s son Theo developed hydrocephalus after being hit by a car in New York. He had a shunt put in but it blocked frequently causing headaches, nausea and temporary blindness. […]

Davies and Partners appointed to Shine legal panel

In Hydrocephalus Awareness Week 6 – 12 March, Davies and Partners’ specialist medical negligence department is delighted to announce that the Firm has been appointed to the legal panel of Shine, the national charity that supports those with spina bifida and hydrocephalus. Davies and Partners’ partnership with Shine is led by Legal Director Katherine Pearce, who heads up the […]

GP failure to act on ultrasound scan diagnosing a large cervical fibroid

Davies and Partners were instructed to act on behalf of Mrs X in a claim against her GP for failing to take action following receipt of an ultrasound scan report that reported the presence of a large cervical fibroid. Mrs X had attended her GP complaining of increased urinary frequency, pain when urinating, tenderness over […]

Negligent hernia operation

The claimant was referred by his GP to a surgeon at hospital as he had a painful right inguinal hernia. He was advised to undergo surgery and in due course he underwent a mesh repair. The claimant subsequently developed a lump over the area of the repair which was painful. After further investigations, revision surgery […]

Negligent gallbladder operation

Our specialist team acted for a claimant who had a keyhole procedure to remove his gallbladder (a cholecystectomy). This should have been converted to an open operation when it was apparent that the anatomy could not be fully identified via the keyhole procedure. However, this was not done and as a result, the claimant’s bile […]

Avoidable MRSA infection

The claimant was referred to hospital to investigate rectal bleeding which revealed a small colonic polyp. This was removed and the pathology confirmed an adenocarcinoma so the claimant was advised to undergo a sigmoid colectomy. When the claimant was admitted to hospital for the elective sigmoid colectomy, he was advised by admitting staff that an […]

Death caused by a perforated bowel during hemicolectomy

The patient was referred to hospital with bowel symptoms. She was advised to undergo a hemicolectomy procedure. Following the procedure the patient developed peritonitis and died. After investigations a claim was made to the hospital Trust on the basis that there was an insufficient pre-operative investigations carried out. If appropriate investigations had been carried out […]

Negligent treatment of a femoral fracture

The patient was a professional jockey who fell from his horse. He suffered a comminuted fracture to his left femur when he was trodden on by a trailing horse. The patient attended an Accident & Emergency Department close to the racecourse. He was anxious to return to race riding at the earliest opportunity despite the […]

Negligent mastectomy requiring reconstructive surgery

The patient underwent a mastectomy and breast reconstruction operation described more fully as a DIEP flap operation. Post operatively the patient developed a haematoma. There was a failure to diagnose and treat this with the result that the flap became ischaemic, died and needed to be debrided. The patient needed to undergo extensive remedial surgery […]

Negligent breast implant surgery

The patient underwent breast augmentation surgery. Contrary to her wishes she was given large implants which were inserted sub muscularly leaving her with great pain and oversized and deformed breasts. She required three revision operations. The pain and psychological problems she suffered caused her work as a self-employed slimming consultant to suffer. Liability was denied […]