Negligent gallbladder operation

Our specialist team acted for a claimant who had a keyhole procedure to remove his gallbladder (a cholecystectomy). This should have been converted to an open operation when it was apparent that the anatomy could not be fully identified via the keyhole procedure. However, this was not done and as a result, the claimant’s bile duct was negligently severed. The claimant required emergency surgery to repair his bile duct.

Following discharge the claimant developed a stricture at the site of the bile duct repair and despite a number of attempts to repair this at the local hospital, the claimant was eventually transferred to the University Hospital in Birmingham for revision surgery. The claimant had a lifetime risk of developing further complications which could be treated by surgery although there was a small risk that he would require a liver transplant. Fortunately, he did not suffer from repeated cholangitis, although there was a risk of this in the future. The claimant also developed depression for which treatment was recommended.

The defendant initially denied liability and proceedings were issued and served. However, a substantial settlement was then agreed before a defence was received.

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