As a Senior Associate, Elliot passionately advocates for clients who have endured harm from medical negligence. His role involves skilfully navigating the legal complexities of cases and striving to secure fair resolutions for those affected.

He brings empathy, focus and a strong drive to secure optimal outcomes for clients. Recognising that the impact of injuries varies for every individual. He invests time to truly comprehend and acknowledge the challenges faced by each claimant.

Elliot works exclusively with clinical negligence claimants nationwide. Ranging from low value claims to birth injury claims with maximum value.

He has been involved in several high-value claims resulting in 7-figure settlements, as well as representing claimants in Inquests across the country. He is happy to represent all clients no matter the claim value.

Guiding individuals through a clinical negligence claim is a deeply personal journey. Elliot is dedicated to delivering high-level legal guidance and support at every step of the process. Additionally, he actively connects individuals with relevant charities and external resources that can offer valuable assistance along their path.