Severe hypoxic brain damage due to monitor failure

The patient suffered a mild cardial infarction at home and was admitted to hospital where she was treated with antithrombolitic agents. She suffered a further cardiac arrest but was resuscitated. The patient was transferred to the local specialist centre for percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty (“PCTA”). During this procedure the patient became unstable and re-arrested. She was intubated and ventilated.

In the early post operative period a haematoma developed at the site of the right internal vein catheter. This haematoma increased in size causing the patient’s airway to become obstructed. This led to a further cardio respiratory arrest as a result of which the patient suffered significant hypoxic brain damage leaving her significantly disabled.

Investigations revealed that there was a negligent failure to properly monitor the patient and ensure that her airway remained open. Liability was admitted following the issue of proceedings and the claim settled with a substantial payment in favour of the Claimant that ensured she could undertake adaptations to her property and have the care and assistance that she required.

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