Negligently performed hysterectomy causing severe urinary issues

Following a total abdominal hysterectomy the patient developed significant pain and urinary problems. She had frequency of mitruition and copious leaking. After 3 months she was referred back to hospital when detrusor instability was diagnosed following urodynamic studies. Drugs were prescribed for the detrusor instability but the incontinence became more severe.

Investigations carried out over the following 6 months revealed that the Claimant had developed a vesico vaginal fistula causing a leak. She underwent an operation to repair the fistula. As a result of that repair operation the patient developed a significant left sided hernia which left her with continuing significant symptoms.

Evidence was obtained from a Consultant Urological Surgeon, a Consultant Gastrointestinal Surgeon and a Clinical Psychologist. The claim concluded with a substantial settlement for the Claimant.

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