Negligent blood pressure management by GP

The separated but not divorced widow of the deceased brought a claim for the death of her husband due to inadequate blood pressure treatment by his GP after the deceased died suddenly.

Expert evidence criticised the drug regime implemented by the GP at the date of his death and an earlier GP as the blood pressure treatment was over the period of some 6½ years. The treatment was both too late, too small an amount of medication and insufficient medication being added at various times together with a failure to follow up heart monitoring arranged by the GP at the local hospital. Had this been followed up the GP would have been alerted to a heart condition called Wolf Parkinson White syndrome which although unrelated to the death may have provided a further opportunity for the deceased’s blood pressure to have been treated.

As the widow and her husband were separated there was little financial dependency for her and modest dependencies for some of the deceased’s children. Expert GPs all criticised the GP care however there was a significant dispute as to the cause of the deceased’s death. The claim was eventually compromised some four weeks prior to trial in the sum of £60,000.

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