James Wickett invited to House of Commons in support of bereaved families

In support of bereaved families James Wickett, specialist medical negligence solicitor at Davies and Partners, was recently invited to the House of Commons to attend a committee room meeting hosted by Andrew Bidgend MP.

The “Towards Justice Reception” was arranged to discuss evidence that the Liverpool Care Pathway, which involves the intentional hastening of death in end-of-life patients, and which was ruled unlawful several years ago, is still, seemingly, in use today.

Much of the meeting focused on hospital protocols put in place during the Covid-19 pandemic which involved treatment mirroring the unlawful practices of the Liverpool Care Pathway.

Over 40 families were represented at this highly emotive meeting. Many of them provided powerful testimony, describing how their loved ones were heavily sedated (with midazolam and alfentanil) and denied access to food and water until they passed away. What was clear from the meeting was that many of the families felt their loved ones had reversible medical conditions and would have survived had they not been treated as per those protocols.

Although several MPs attended the meeting many were noticeable by their absence. It is hoped that those absent MPs will be persuaded to speak directly to their affected constituents and that moving forwards investigation, including through the courts, will shine a light on this abhorrent practice.

House of Commons Towards Justice Reception

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