Hydrocephalus Awareness Week 4-10 March, 2024

As Shine’s Hydrocephalus Awareness Week kicks off, (4-10 March) we are supporting their drive to raise awareness about this often misunderstood neurological condition.

From March 4th to March 10th 2024, initiatives ranging from educational campaigns to fundraising events aim to shed light on the challenges faced by those living with hydrocephalus and the vital role Shine plays in providing support and resources.

As part of the Shine legal panel, we will be sharing details of the awareness campaign as the week progresses.

To start the week off, we are sharing the series of live events that Shine are running to support those #LivingWithHydrocephalus. The events range from helpful sessions on hydrocephalus and mental health to book club and coffee and a quiz. You can find the full programme here: Hydrocephalus Awareness Week – Live Events – Shine (shinecharity.org.uk)

Shine resources hub

It is often the case that those living with hydrocephalus need to explain the condition and the possible complications on a frequent basis, for example to GPs, employers and schools. In Hydrocephalus Awareness Week, Shine is highlighting the resources available for families that can help with sharing key information that can help make this process just that bit easier. There are templates that can be downloaded to phones, letters for GPs and shunt alert card.

Shine also have a dedicated hydrocephalus resources hub where you can select resources that are specific to your needs: Hydrocephalus Resources Hub – Shine (shinecharity.org.uk)

Living with Hydrocephalus

This week, Shine are celebrating those who live with hydrocephalus. Search on social media for #LivingWithHydrocephalus to see these inspiring people and have a glimpse into their lives.

Katherine Pearce, Legal Director in Bristol and Shine legal panel lead, is joining the conversation and sharing a picture of her son who has hydrocephalus at his first para-football tournament.

You can find more about hydrocephalus on Shine’s website: What is hydrocephalus – Shine (shinecharity.org.uk)

We also have a summary of on our website where there may be concerns about the care you have received: Spina bifida and hydrocephalus – DP Medical Law

Hats on for Hydrocephalus

On Friday 8 March 2024 Shine is encouraging people to engage with their ‘Hats on for Hydrocephalus’ day to increase awareness of hydrocephalus by donning a hat and sharing a photo with the hashtag #HatsOnForHydrocephalus.

We’ll be sharing pictures of our team in their best headgear tomorrow on our  X (formerly Twitter) (@DPClinNeg) and LinkedIn pages.

Celebrating Hydrocephalus Awareness Week

Today (Friday 8 March) is #HatsOnForHydrocephalus and we have donned our favourite headgear to spread the word to support Shine.

The majority of Shine’s services are funded by the generosity of the general public.

Could you help families living with hydrocephalus and make a donation or run a fundraising activity?

Click on the link and see how you could make a difference: Hydrocephalus Awareness Week – Fundraise – Shine (shinecharity.org.uk)

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