Complications arising following caesarean section

Davies and Partners were instructed on behalf of GM in relation to complications arising following the birth of her son by way of caesarean section.

She went into spontaneous labour at 34 weeks gestation and was transferred to the Worcester Royal Hospital. There was a delay in the second stage of labour with her baby being in the occipito posterior position and therefore an emergency caesarean section was performed due to pro-longed decelerations of the baby’s heart beat.

The baby boy was delivered safely and the Obstetrician noted an extension of the uterine excision with significant bleeding. This was noted and repaired.

Postoperatively, GM suffered hypovolaemic shock, her blood pressure fell to 45/20 and intravenous fluid and oxygen were administered. Her haemoglobin levels were very low at 4.2g/dL and she was transferred back to theatre for an emergency laparotomy.

At the laparotomy she was found to have significant bleeding due to further extended tears which had not been noted or repaired at the time of the caesarean section. She required multiple blood transfusions and was admitted to the High Dependency Unit where she remained until she was transferred to the Transitional Care Unit to be nearer to her baby boy.

The Claimant made a physical recovery but has been left traumatised by the complications.

Admissions were made by the National Health Service Litigation Authority on behalf of the Trust in light of the failings which occurred during the caesarean section. Settlement was achieved after Court proceedings were issued for the sum of £28,000.00.

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