Action for Brain Injury Week 2024

20 -26 May 2024

Action for Brain Injury Week (ABI Week) 2024 runs from 20 – 26 May and focuses on the theme ‘A Life Re-Written.’ The theme highlights the profound change that brain injury survivors undergo and the resilience they exhibit in rebuilding their lives. The week is organised by leading brain injury charities and organisations to raise awareness, foster understanding and support all those affected by brain injury.

The Impact of Brian Injuries

Brain injuries can be caused by traumatic incidents like falls, car accidents and sports injuries, or from non-traumatic causes such as strokes, tumours or infections. The impact of brain injuries are wide ranging.

A brain injury can drastically alter a person’s life in an instant. They can lead to significant physical, cognitive and emotional challenges. Survivors can struggle with memory loss, speech difficulties, mobility issues and emotional regulation, necessitating rehabilitation and support.

A Life Re-Written

This year’s theme reflects the reality for brain injury survivors who often have to redefine their lives post-injury. It highlights their journey of adapting to new limitations, discovering news strengths, and re-shaping their identities. It is a celebration of the courage and determination of these individuals as they navigate their transformed lives.

However, for some the outcome isn’t always so positive and the week also highlights those who are still navigating re-writing their lives.

Personal Stories

Central to this year’s campaign are the stories of survivors who have had to re-write their lives after brain injuries. These personal accounts shed light on the daily struggles and triumphs of those living with brain injuries and the impact on their families who also have to make life changes.

Some of these stories can be found on the website and social media of Headway, an amazing charity which supports brain injury survivors as they rebuild their lives.

In conclusion

ABI Week 2024 shines an important light on the challenges faced by brain injury survivors and the importance of rehabilitation, as well as community support. By sharing stories, raising awareness and advocating for better resources and services, it is hoped that this will create a more inclusive and understanding society.

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